Compliance – Whistleblower

We have introduced a system for reporting breaches of Union law.

You have the possibility to submit your report via our reporting office. You decide whether and which of your contact details you provide and whether you wish to receive feedback. If you wish to receive feedback and provide your contact details, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your report within 7 days via the communication channel you specified.
Furthermore, you will receive information on the handling of your report, including any measures taken, within 3 months.

Your report will go directly to our external ombudsman (datenschutz nord GmbH, Dominik Bleckmann, fully qualified lawyer), who will treat it confidentially and, after an initial examination, forward it to our internal office for further action.

You have the possibility to submit reports on legal violations or abusive behaviour, especially in the following areas:

  • Public procurement
  • financial services, financial products and financial markets, and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing,
  • Product safety and compliance
  • transport safety
  • environmental protection
  • Animal and public health
  • Consumer protection
  • Protection of privacy and personal data and security of network and information systems
  • Infringements of the Union’s financial interests within the meaning of Article 325 TFEU and as further defined in relevant Union measures.
  • infringements of internal market rules within the meaning of Article 26(2) TFEU, including infringements of Union rules on competition and State aid; and -infringements of internal market rules in relation to acts which breach corporate tax rules or in relation to agreements aimed at obtaining a tax advantage contrary to the object or purpose of the applicable corporate tax law.

This list is not exhaustive. You may also submit notices of violations in other areas.
You can submit your notices by:

  • Personal appearance after making an appointment,
  • by sending a written report by post,
  • by telephone
  • electronically by e-mail

Datenschutz nord GmbH, Konsul-Smidt-Str. 88, 28217 Bremen, Germany
Telephone: +49 421 6966 32 349
E-mail address:


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