Amazing, here’s a very special feast for the eyes! Just like a musical rhapsody, this collection skilfully combines a wide range of themes. Fleeting, fanciful ideas that do not necessarily follow from each other manage to merge into a pleasing “melody” for the eye.
Nature in particular was the inspiration for the numerous patterns. The botanical motifs are artfully drawn from a wide variety of plants, whether in their entirety or in detail, individual leaves or whole palm trees –°some as true-to-life depictions, others in the form of graphic sketches. They are, moreover, complemented by art deco-inspired graphics and trending Metro tiles.
As far as colours are concerned, there’s also a lot to choose from – a potpourri of colours drawn from the entire colour palette. Almost all colours are on display here: unobtrusive and emotive with off-white, beige, antique rose, sage green and concrete grey, bright and impressive coral red, mustard yellow, royal blue or jet black. All these colours and many more characterise the vibrant and heart-warming collection, often with a stylish, matt surface and occasionally also with chic gloss effects.


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