“The secret of life lies in the quest for beauty”

People find beauty in the things that they love. And as a sensitive consumer brand, rasch has pledged to help people furnish their lives with beauty and joy.

To do this, rasch has set itself a new standard and is achieving new benchmarks in the art of producing wallpapers. The secret of a cosy home lies in combining your personal favourite items and stylish elements. Only by linking life and design can a really personal haven be created.

With its long tradition in working with wallpapers rasch invents unusual and modern designs. In creating and producing wallpapers, this family-run firm has sought out a particularly lovely discipline. This allows them to belong to the privileged few who can enter the privacy of your home and who, with their products, can support customers in creating a beautiful environment.

Beautiful moments need space and time. Wallpapers are small works of art that can decorate every room with a personal touch and enchant the beholder.

Wallpapers with patterns and colours are created in four international design studios. The wallpapers represent a successful basis for stamping your own style on any type of accommodation. The trick is to select the right design for your living environment from the varied designs available on the international markets and to do justice to the applicable country’s taste without compromising. Design crosses frontiers and yet seeks its cultural anchor in every land. Reaching a wide scope of design aficionados but not nailing our colours to one particular mast is a challenge that rasch has set itself in managing its range.

Rasch wallpapers are known internationally for excellent quality and sophisticated design. Its range includes over 6000 wallpapers including vinyl wallpapers, non-woven wallpapers and paper wallpapers.

Johann Heinrich Lücke and Hermann Wilhelm Gottfried Rasch founded the company in 1861. As early as 1910 it had forged its initial international networks with design offices in Paris, London and Copenhagen. In the 1920s associations with renowned artists and designers were forged. This tradition continues today and we are still successful in enthusing renowned creative partners to work with us in producing our high-quality wallpaper.


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