Since the 19th century, people have used wallpapers to make their homes the most beautiful places in the world. Tapetenfabrik Gebr. Rasch is one of the pioneers from this period, and our stylish heritage has been creating beautiful art for your walls for over 150 years. Now the company is being run by the fifth generation of the Rasch family. The cousins, Dr. Frederik Rasch, Dario Rasch-Schulze Isfort, are the executives who continue the tradition started by the company’s founders in 1861, namely giving rooms an individual character and turning them into desirable places to be by adding beauty and a love for detail.

The brand has always stood for high quality, sophisticated design and a constant pursuit of the latest technologies and developments in the art of wallpaper. Standing still means falling behind as new trends are born across the globe several times a year. Taking account of these trends while also setting its own has long been a tried and trusted approach for this family company. In order to convey and simplify trends, the rasch brand has packaged them in easy-to-grasp style concepts. These act as signposts so that nature lovers, fans of classicism, modern hipsters, mainstream culture lovers and those who just like things to be beautiful can find the right wallpaper quickly and easily.

“For the most modern and effective wallcoverings,” was a promise that graced rasch posters in 1900 – and it is still true today. Working with a strong team of 350 employees at the head office in Bramsche, this philosophy continues to be promoted with commitment and much passion. The Rasch group also has other production sites in Poland and the Ukraine, as well as offices in Russia, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, the UK, China and the Ukraine.

We award our wallpapers a seal as a sign of our passion for our work and our products. The stylised tower, part of the company’s office building, symbolises the courage to dare try something new, never to give up, and to believe in the product. The seal also indicates the link between tradition and modernity – the foundations on which this wallpaper manufacturer’s success has been built from the start.

rasch segmentation

Rasch taste, style and ecomotion are the names of the three segments that form the structure of the company’s range. The segments provide customers with clarity, simplicity and ease in decision-making, and enable dealers and contractors to give better advice. The concept is available at POS, in print media and at trade fairs.

The Taste segment:

Beauty for everyone, at all times – for people of all ages, lovers of tradition or modernity, modern homes or old treasures. The themes are easy to understand and combine. They play with familiar patterns and delicate effects. These include splendid floral patterns such as “Florentine II”, lifelike prints in “Passepartout”, and modern circles, which, in the new “My Moments” range, feature not only on wallpapers but also on perfectly matched decorative fabrics.

The Style segment:

Rooms can be enjoyable. But rooms can also be an experience; they can whisk you away from utilitarian existence? to wonderful experimental living! Things are looking splendidly glittery and sparkly in our Style collections. Here, glamorous colours such as copper, silver and gold create highlights on sophisticated walls. And high-end collections such as “Emilia” from the Style range cannot resist enchanting us with the finest materials, interplays of colour and extravagant individual pieces.

Selling idea

We bestow rooms with life’s most beautiful moments – adding a third dimension to your home. We bring beauty to life with feeling and understanding.


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