Andy Wand

Andy Wand will be happy to answer any questions you may have about wallpaper. His relaxed, charming manner make him the perfect contact partner. Not only does he have all the best tricks up his sleeve, he can also show you the new wallpapers from his own collection. With four different theme worlds, everyone is bound to find their own personal preference: #naturedesign, #loftstyle, #charminghouse and #urbanliving add variety and give your walls fresh momentum. Fascinating eye-catching designs are provided by oversized leaves, rustic brick walls, elegant foliage, graphic patterns and abstract floral splendour. Meanwhile, plain options include natural textures, textile surfaces and shimmering gloss finishes. With bold colours such as brick red, night blue and purple, as well as calmer options in natural and grey tones, Andy Wand offers a superb colour selection. Now all you have to do is make your choice and then get started right away!

Andy is there for everyone – just like his wallpaper.


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