As a family-run company rasch can look back over a long tradition of creating and producing wallpapers having made an international name and established itself as a brand.

Its current challenge lies in creating a balance between the traditional and the modern as well as maintaining values that are important to the family and transferring these to its corporate culture and combining them with innovative new approaches. With a range of over 6000 wallpapers, rasch needs a clear classification within the product groups. So the range has been divided into three segments:

Rasch Taste – Contemporary design for beautiful living.
Decorative solutions for implementing into different living styles. The latest colours and wonderful patterns speak for themselves and can also be combined if required. Available in specialist shops and DIY stores.

Rasch Style – Sophisticated design fulfils individual desires.
Be they extrovert and bold or elegant understatement, the latest fashions are implemented skilfully and innovatively. Available from authorised specialist retailers.

Rasch 1861 – Unique, artistic and exceptional.
These wallpapers with manufacture character are temporary artworks for your walls.
Available from interior designers.

Rasch has succeeded in delighting its customers over and over again with unusual approaches to design thus developing the brand further. In addition to a healthily growing international customer base, it also involves creating exciting creations in conjunction with renowned designers, artists and well-known personalities who have an affinity with design and who enjoy putting their own mark on a product.


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