Alla Prima

Stylish living is an art. That’s why this collection makes the most of oil paints and brushwork, conjuring up masterpieces for your walls. As an enthusiastic advocate of alla prima painting, Paul Cézanne would undoubtedly have delighted in the splendid flowers and baroque ornamentation featured here. Classic elegance is enhanced with an effortlessly artistic touch – albeit with a certain degree of restraint. Blush, beige, cream and pale grey provide warm, appealing tones. Pink, yellow, blue and green, meanwhile, create a colourful contrast, making a glorious statement in your space. To ensure that everything works well together, the textured block-colour wallcoverings are exactly matched to their patterned counterparts. If you look closely, you’ll be able to make out subtle sparkling particles here and there. After all, home should be somewhere quite special.



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