Decorating trends 2015 – how our home shines

    Copper, as far as the eye can see. This precious metal already arrived happily in our living and dining rooms at the end of last year. Now the shining warm colour also pleases in the kitchen, and not just in the form of old copper jugs and pots. It now also brings delight to the hallway and lots of little decorative niches with its sun-kissed glow.

    We were glad to reach for this warm precious metal during the photo shoots for our brand new 2015 collections. The cosy shade can be combined perfectly with powdery colours and strong, dark tones and with a sonorous shimmer, easily finds its place in any living situation.

    New living sensation with accessories

    If you have decorated with simple white in recent years, you may now show your true colours again. Individual pieces of furniture, such as a sideboard in vibrant red or violet make for a completely new living sensation. Small accessories such as vases, jugs, cushions or blankets also instantly create a totally new atmosphere. Combine modern lamps with old treasured furniture this year, where the walls are dressed in natural designs and exude tranquillity and exclusivity. Skilfully mixed styles using a few carefully chosen highlights that transform existing furnishings to create an entirely new living style are completely on trend this year.

    Yet it’s not only vibrant colours that significantly upgrade white interior decoration. Combining black and white is very trendy in 2015. You simply cannot go wrong by pepping up your white sofa with black cushions or moving a white sideboard in front of a slate grey wall.

    Anything but boring

    The new decorating principle is: pure nature and don’t give boredom a chance! A little naturalness moves into our homes with accessories reminiscent of wood or moss. Wallpapers, whose designs are obviously modelled on nature, are completely on trend this year. Woody structures, ostrich feathers, animal furs and marble not only look deceptively real on modern non-woven wallpaper, but also lend the home a very special cosiness. Those who wish to surround themselves with modern factory design and “brick walls“ enjoy the appearance, created in an instant, with concrete or brick-look wallpaper, which brings out the modern loft charm in any living space – even a suburban terraced house!

    Decorating? Today it’s easier than ever before

    Brash patterns and garish colours are passé. Natural shades such as beige, brown, grey and greige bring warm homeliness into our homes. These colours provide the perfect atmosphere for creating a feel-good oasis, into which one gladly retreats. Individual little accessories or a complete wall full of colourful eye-catchers can be combined with these colours according to one’s own taste. Deep pink, refined violet or royal blue as in the Florentine and En Suite collections are must haves this year. These brilliant colours spread good humour and youthful freshness like the wind and help to get through dreary rainy days. That may also end in a florally tinged liaison, to be found on wallpapers or cushions. Or one can rely on trusted classic ornaments, which simply always look wonderful and fit easily into almost any interior style.

    Mat and lustrous looks, which come into play especially beautifully on wallpapers, enter into a romance with the light. Walls no longer appear so cold and drab but with fine varnishes perform an exuberant dance with light and shade. The wallpaper colour here is more toned down and presents itself with intricate textures.