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Light and Breezy

Light, cheery and simply exceptional – that’s how colourful floral tendrils are presented here, together with colour-matched solid-colour wallpapers and wonderfully summery tab-top curtains. When they are combined with one another, they bring a great atmosphere into your home in the blink of an eye. Fresh, happy, light-hearted and a little bit romantic – “Light and Breezy” is the perfect collection for everyone who likes to meet up with their friends, enjoy time out from the stresses of everyday life at the office by doing yoga or drinking tea, and who like to make their lives bright and sunny.

Mix and Match

It’s a match! And no, you won’t need the Tinder app to create beautiful and harmonious interiors today. But your next “match” is bound to be excited to view this home – because with mutually harmonised wallpaper designs and matching solid-coloured curtains, your interiors will almost decorate themselves. And the same is true when it comes to falling in love.

Chic and Casual

Elegant, yet still cosy. Classic, but not old-fashioned. Only with wallpaper and matching curtains does a house become an appealing and individual home.  When it comes to creating established homeliness, you can now rely on this package of large, stylised tendrils, subtle solid-colour patterns and tried-and-tested stripes which harmoniously blend into any style of interior. Creating beautiful rooms has never been this easy.

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