Lucy in the Sky

Freedom is not only endless above the clouds. “Lucy in the Sky“ ensures that heavenly design dreams also come true within your own four walls. This fresh and airy modern wallpaper collection brings the summer indoors all year round with vibrant colours and patterns. Luxuriant flower arrangements, colourful watercolours and artistically interpreted creepers bring a fresh bloom to your rooms. Soft tones such as rose and yellow are combined with full colours, for example a vibrant bon-bon pink, fuchsia turquoise or light green. Dark backgrounds in anthracite make the colours pop. Ideal for setting off an individual wall or transforming small rooms into eye-catchers. Lucy in the Sky focuses on palm designs and tropical plants so that everyone has the feeling of being in a holiday paradise. They are so colourful and dazzling that one cannot help wanting to look several times. The perfect match: lifelike motifs with flamingos and parrots that appear as if applies with a paintbrush.   


To round off the entire look harmoniously, there is also a variety of plain wallpapers, which pick up all the colour tones of the patterns. This means super design possibilities for living, dining, and bedrooms. The collection also includes beige and brown tones for those who prefer a more decent look. Lucy in the Sky can also be wonderfully down to earth.  

The collection


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