Florentine II

If something is particularly good, then there is every reason to retain its essence, build on it and, with a dash of fresh colour and a few new strokes of the brush, breathe fresh life into it. And so it is with our “Florentine” collection.

Warm berry and earth tones, a little rust, harmonious mustard yellow and cool dove blue wonderfully meld with the woven textile background, reminiscent of fine linen. Sketched with a sharpened pencil, you will find native varieties of bird amidst rich foliage; a love letter is showcased in beautiful letters; and floral ornaments enchant us with their vintage look and flowing, cloud-like watercolours. The latter also bring exceptional charm to a wonderful bouquet of flowers, with which you can transform your walls into your dream home in next to no time at all.

The collection


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