These patterns will highlight our walls in 2016

Tomorrow’s walls will show more individuality, yet also radiate an inner serenity. Warmth, cosiness and a pot pourri of mix-and-match colours are the key themes for enhancing walls in the coming year. And the used look with its delicate patina, personal treasures and nature, such as in the "Amélie" collection or the new "b.b. home passion" collection, continues its popularity. That's why we can still find imitations of natural surfaces which bring the outdoors into our homes.

Also popular are photographic wallpaper trends, as impressively demonstrated by the "Crispy Paper" collection – images of drawers, newspapers and doors for example, give us a completely new sense of space. The more amazingly real they appear, the better. Although a touch of romance never goes amiss alongside all this modernity. This has arrived from Scandinavia in the shape of "Freja" and breathes a Nordic sense of poetry into a room.

Classics such as stripes and ornaments show off their textile-like elegance in the "Trianon" series of collections and have made their mark not just among fans of classic design.

There are also innovations for the youngest interior decoration experts. "Bambino" includes lovely, cheerful wallpapers together with matching textiles to give our little ones a place where they can feel good while they're growing up, right from the start.

Neutral colours like beige, greige and taupe form the basis for all the themes. Strong colours like indigo blue, grass green and crimson can be added to them to create a more striking look or they can simply be combined with soft pastel shades. Petrol and metallic colours, such as copper and silver, can also be used to create highlights and reflect the light.

In any case, it is clear that patterns will be on our walls this year – and they are anything but boring!

Alongside our new collections, our special themed and licensed collections will also play a big role. The new b.b. home passion V is totally vibrant, colourful and blown in on a fresh sunny breeze. Inspired by Barbara Becker, the patterns and colours of the wallpapers and materials impressively show how she has included the beauty and fun of Miami which she encounters every day under the big skies of the "Sunshine State". Choosing her favourites, she now spreads sheer happiness and good spirits in three themes called "in balance", "Miami Style" and "City Nightlife", bringing the sunny feel of Miami into our homes.

The amazing new "HOME VISION" also includes skilfully coordinated textiles. Entirely new colour highlights bring rooms to life, with a beautiful main protagonist playing the leading role in each style theme – "New Amsterdam", "Phoenix", "Kensington" and "Montana" can provide suitable looks to accompany both modern and classic decorative styles.