rasch taste

Beauty for all, and in all instances – be it for the smallest of children or for grown-ups, for traditionalists or trend-setters, new homes or old treasures. In the world of Taste, a great deal of space is accorded to beauty and comfort.

Carefree and harmonious moments are encapsulated here – moments which bring joy and thus make life so worth living. The themes are easy to comprehend and simple to combine. Well-known patterns and fine effects are used playfully. These include flowers, ornaments, and retro designs, such as in the “b.b. home” collection by Barbara Becker, the “In the Woods” series, or the modern non-woven wallpapers in the “Spice up” collection. The colourful wallpapers of Villa Coppenrath are also part of the Taste range, and conquer the hearts of both children and grown-ups.